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Insurance for E-Bikes (a bicycle with an integrated electric motor) is available from our specialist team. Electric bikes are fast growing in popularity and are a great way to experience the thrill of leisure cycling whilst at the same time having the advantage of an electric motor to assist when the terrain gets a bit more challenging.

Why choose Assetsure?

You can trust us to provide the ebike insurance you need, we have an excellent reputation for providing insurance for cycles, evidenced via the review site Trustpilot. Our policy arranged at Lloyd’s of London policy offers a wide range of options to provide comprehensive cover for your cycle including the ability to include Public Liability insurance to protect you if you are involved in an Accident with a Third Party vehicle or pedestrian.

We also cover loss, damage or theft to your electric bike's battery.

We can cover all insure electric bikes that conform to UK EAPC requirements.

Do you need insurance for an electric bike?

Electric bikes are often more expensive than normal bicycles – but you still run into the same risks that everyday bikes face.Whether you are locking your e-bike up at station during your daily commute, or just using it on public roads, you face the risk of theft, vandalism, or personal injury. Having comprehensive electric bike cover can prevent incurring unnecessary costs.

If your e-bike is lost or broken could you afford to repair or replace the bike?

What defines an Electric Bike?

You need to ensure that your electric bike satisfies EAPC regulations and is classed as an electric bike, otherwise you will not qualify for electric bike insurance.

Is my e-bike EAPC compliant?

To Satisfy UK EAPC regulations and quality for electric bike insurance, a bike must show either:

  • the power output
  • the manufacturer of the motor

It must also show either:

  • the battery’s voltage
  • the maximum speed of the bike

Its electric motor:

  • must have a maximum power output of 250 watts
  • should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph

Your e-bike must have pedals that can be used to propel it.

When does an electric bicycle become a moped?

If your electric bike exceeds 250 watts of power, it can be classed as a moped. Ensure that the e-bike you are purchasing meets the EAPC requirements above, else you will not be able to get electric bike insurance and it will have to be taxed (along with other licensing requirements).

How do I find cheap e-bike insurance?

Our relationship with our insurance providers means that we can provide a competitive e-bike insurance quote for you, dependant on the information you provide without our quote tool. Please get in touch if you have further questions.

What does ebike insurance cover include?

Our ebike insurance cover includes:

  • Theft, malicious and accidental damage cover, including cover for the electric bike battery, up to a value of £12,500.
  • Accessories, helmets, and clothing cover – which can be increased to cover more if required.
  • Optional public liability insurance for yourself up to a sum of £2,000,000.
  • Automatic legal cover in case you need to claim against a third party such as a motorist for damages.

We can provide a Bicycle insurance quote for you. to give you a breakdown of everything we cover.

Is e-bike insurance worth the cost?

Electric bikes are often high value specialist items with a high purchase value, which can make them a prime target for thieves. Their removable batteries are also often a target for both thieves and accidental damage and can be expensive to replace or repair. Our comprehensive electric bike insurance covers both the frame and batteries of electric bikes, making it suitable for e-bike owners nationwide, including Northern Ireland.

We've got you covered...

Theft, Malicious and Accidental Damage cover

£12,500 insurance cover
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Theft, Malicious and Accidental Damage cover

We can insure electric bicycles up to a value of £12,500. You should insure for the full replacement value of your cycle and our policy will make no deduction for wear or tear if you have to obtain a replacement for you.

Accessories & Helmets & Clothing Cover included.

Accessories cover included
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Accessories & Helmets & Clothing Cover included.

We automatically include cover for your accessories and you can choose to increase the basic level of cover if required.

Public Liability Insurance

Cover for yourself and the public
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Public Liability Insurance

You can choose if you wish to include public liability insurance up to a sum insured of £2,000,000.

Legal Expenses

Automatic legal cover
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Legal Expenses

We automatically include legal expenses insurance, this will help you with a claim against a third party such as a motorist for damages or personal injury. As well as the above you can also choose to include: personal accident insurance, family use and cover for use in Europe.

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