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Restaurant Insurance

Obtaining a good quality Restaurant insurance package for your business is essential to help ensure the smooth running of your business. Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes but they will all have similar insurance needs, thus restaurant insurance on a package basis has been developed. This type of insurance contract will cover most of the common perils that face this type of business. Most modern wordings are written to include a wide range of perils such as fires & floods etc with extended accidental damage available as an add on if required.

Policies are arranged in sections, some are compulsory; some are optional, depending on the needs of the particular owner. Buildings insurance is available for the proprietor that owns the building in which the business, is located. Many buildings are rented from landlords who will usually take responsibility to arrange the buildings insurance (and collect the premium accordingly). However, the landlord may expect you cover the “Shop Front” glass and any signs that you have erected to help advertise your business. These items can be added to the contents section of the policy and the amounts included in the sums insured, you may find however, that glass has it’s own section. Restaurant glass can be expensive to replace and as most sections come with a “specified sum insured” it’s a good idea to check, the limits on offer are adequate for your needs. The contents section of the policy is one of the most important sections, as it provides protections for your tangible assets such as the tables & chairs and all of the cooking equipment. Some business will have equipment in on hire, particularly ordering systems and sometimes credit/debit card machines. Under the terms of hire you may be responsible for the insurance of these items so a sum insured to take account of this should also be included. As well as your general contents, this section will also provided cover for your stock, which will include all of the perishable items as well as wines sprits and beers. Frozen food is usually dealt with under another section.

Public, Employers & Product Liability

Restaurant package insurance also contains cover for Public Employers & Products Liability. Only Employers Liability is compulsory (you have to display a certificate where all member of staff are able to view it), however it is usual for all three to come together. There are a number of other sections of the policy covering; Business Interruption, Loss of Money, Loss of Licence, Personal Accident. Goods in Transit & Fidelity Insurance. Most of these covers are optional as is Legal Protection Insurance which can provide cover and advice against a wide variety of situations that face the restaurateur including: employment disputes & compensation awards, tax Protection, contract issues, health & safety, data protection, property protection and tenancy disputes.

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