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COVID 19 Statement- Wedding Insurance ****

We have currently suspended new applications for our Wedding Insurance Product. We are currently assessing the impact of travel and public health advice relating to Coronavirus/COVID19 If you are an existing customer of Assetsure, we can assure you that your policy remains in place and the terms and conditions are unchanged.If you are an existing customer and have any questions relating to your policy, please contact our office on 0208 0033 190.****

Wedding Insurance from Assetsure

Have you considered Wedding insurance? For most people, it’s the biggest day of their lives, months, sometimes years of planning all culminating in that special day. The venue has been hired, the catering arranged, the photographer booked, wedding attire designed and purchased and everyone looking forward to a wonderful occasion.

With the average cost of a wedding now in excess of £15,000 and the fact we all know events don’t always run as smoothly as we hope, we believe when planning your big day, you should include the cost of a wedding insurance policy within your budget.

Do I need wedding insurance?

You may find that some items such as clothing and presents are covered
under your home insurance; you may also receive some protection from
your credit card company, however, many of the eventualities covered by a
specialist wedding insurance policy will not be available elsewhere.

When should I arrange cover?

In our opinion you should arrange to cover your wedding as soon as you start making arrangements and spending money. Although the policy is designed to cover a specific day or days (if your wedding and reception are at different times), the cancellation section will come in to operation from the day you pay for your cover.

You may find that some venues and service providers will not return deposits in the event of cancellation and you may be left out-of-pocket and insurance can help to cover your expenses.

If you are planning a wedding at some distance in time, there are a number of events that could happen that you are simply unable to predict. For example certain occupations may need either the bride or groom to work, these include police, fire and ambulance services and if a member of the armed forces, you may unexpectedly be posted overseas. Redundancy cover may also be included which is often extended to include persons making a significant financial contribution to the wedding. There is also of course the chance of a death in the family of either the bride groom or civil partners or a close member of the family which would make continuing with the wedding inappropriate.

What cover is available?

Wedding policies usually cover a range of specific events relating to a specific day or days. These can include; cancellation and rearrangement, loss or damage to wedding attire, loss or damage to wedding gifts and rings, non-appearance or failure of any supplier such as venue, flowers, transportation, wedding official; personal accident, legal expenses, personal liability, public liability and the ability to add extensions to include such things are marquees or even cover a wedding overseas.

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