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Park Home Insurance Policies

Insurance for a park home, is not always easy to source, many insurance companies do not like the construction of these properties or the fact that many are often only used on a part time basis. We can offer park home insurance insurance for either homes that are used on a full time basis or used as holiday homes or holiday lets. When applying for a park home insurance quotation, you will need to know the construction of your property as this will be taking in to consideration when calculating your quote. The park home itself is usually built on to a steel frame, but the insurance company will need to know the base on which the home is also sited.

There is often much confusion as to what actually constitutes a park home at all. Although the legal definition still points to that of a mobile home, (The definition of a mobile home gives a maximum size of 20m x 6.7m (66ft x 22ft) external and 3.48m internal ceiling height.) this term does not really do the park home must justice as modern ones, are often built to very high specifications. In essence, this type of building, sometimes also referred to as a mobile home (odd, because they are not really mobile apart from the fact, they must be designed in such a way that they may be transported to an from a site in two sections) is a prefabricated house that is manufactured off-site then usually taken to it’s park site in sections.

The design of these park homes (or mobile homes) does vary, many of the older varieties resemble static caravans but more recent builds can be quite luxurious and often resemble bungalows. Park home sites are located the length and breath of the United Kingdom, at the last count there were nearly two thousand sites, with property being used as either holiday or permanent homes.

Park homes have an advantage over traditional build properties, in that are often obtainable for a fraction of the cost. Once your park home has been, located on it’s site, it is usual to pay the site owner, some form of annual rent. This rent will in part be used for the up keep of the site and of course for the privilege of keeping your home on it’s pitch and for providing services. There are some municipally run sites but if privately owned, the site owner must have a licence, your local authority should be able to help you with details of this. Most park homes are single storey in height, and built in a factory. The main materials used are timber construction, with modern windows and doors, often of UPVC. Roofs are usually pitched and covered with modern tiles.

Although park homes may be used for a variety of purposes such as main residences (some sites are only licensed for a number of months of the year, you may find it not possible to occupy your property for a full 12 months), holiday homes or lets, the perils that can befall them are similar to that of a domestic dwelling house. Consequently, insurance wordings are offered with fairly similar perils.

Park home insurance is available for the building (the fabric of the property) and it’s fixtures and fittings. You can also cover your contents for the usual range of covers found under a standard home insurance policy. Public liability cover, including covering for letting will also be included if required. When requesting an insurance quotation, you will need to know the reinstatement value of the property as well as the value of your contents on a new for old basis. Some modern park homes, come with some additional extras that are often attached to the frame work after it has been sited. This can included such things as Decking, Verandas, Steps, terraces, porches & skirting. Ring us today for a park home insurance quotation.

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