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Ring Insurance

At Assetsure we arrange ring insurance as a standalone insurance policy. Specialist ring insurance is dedicated to ensuring you have wide protection for your valuable items. We are happy to quote insurance for a a single ring or a collection of items.

A policy taken out with Assetsure on you ring or ring collection ensures you have specific dedicated insurance for your item, you can be secure in the knowledge that a policy arranged by us will provide you with worldwide cover so you will be protected both at home and abroad.

Insurance for rings without the need to insure anything else

Rings are treasured items of jewellery be they for weddings, engagements, eternity or for any other reason. As well as brand new items, often rings are inherited and particularly with old or antique rings, once they have been appraised and valued for insurance purposes by a jeweller, the value can come as quite a nice surprise.

At Assetsure, we have a policy that has been specially designed to insure rings & other items of jewellery under a modern plain English wording with wide cover.

Unlike most intermediaries ,we are quite happy to provide ring insurance for single items, and we won’t insist you insure the rest of your home contents via us.

Why consider specialist ring insurance arranged by Assetsure?

Bespoke Insurance for Rings

Our policy for insuring a ring is designed to give you complete piece of mind. Whether you have single ring or many with a variation of jewellery we will be able to offer you insurance to cover each of your items that suits your requirements. Get a quote today for ring insurance.

Some of the features of our policy are as follows;

Worldwide All Risks Insurance - We provide physical loss or damage insurance for your ring or other items of jewellery on a worldwide basis.

No Excess - If you have to make a claim under your policy, there will be no excess to pay for specified items

Specified Items - We will provide you with a schedule of insurance specifying your single item of jewellery. If you have other items, we will be pleased to add them on as well.

Unspecified Items - If you have a large number of other items, we can also arrange for you unspecified item insurance cover for the total value of your valuables up to a maximum sum insured of £1000 per item and with a £25.00 excess per claim.

No bonus to lose - By insuring your rings separately via us on a specialist policy , you can help protect any valuable no clams bonus earned under your home insurance policy.

A variety of payment options - We accept all major credit and debit cards and monthly direct debits. Cover can normally be provided as soon as a payment is made.

Money back guarantee - So confident are we in our policy, we have arranged with insurers to give you a full 30 days to review the policy wording and change your mind if you are not satisfied. Providing, you do not make a claim within this period, you will be entitled to a full refund without deductions.

Dealing with Assetsure couldn’t be simpler and your precious rings can be covered quickly and efficiently by making one quick call or completing our web enquiry form. If you have any questions or simply require some further information,we will also be pleased to hear from you. We are open 6 days per week.

Do you have any valuation limits for your ring insurance?

Many home insurers have a ceiling on the maximum amount they can insure when it comes to jewellery. At Assetsure, our insurers will consider valuations far above the usual amount accepted by home insurers. If you want to have wide insurance protection for your items, get in touch with Assetsure today to get a quote on your ring insurance.

How to get a ring insurance quote?

You can obtain a ring insurance quote today with Assetsure using our online form or by phoning our office. Using our online form, quotes can be provided immediately providing you with cover straight away. We send policy documents by email as soon as cover has been provided and we allow a full 30 days for you to review them.

Accidental Loss

Protect your Rings against accidental loss with a policy arranged by Assetsure
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Accidental Loss

Rings can easily be lost

Most losses of rings such as engagement or eternity rings occur away from the home, either the whole ring or one of its components such as a diamond.

This can be distressing when it happens and whilst insurance can’t replace sentimental value, our in-house claims team will work with you and the insurers to quickly replace the item as close to the original as possible.

Loss of stone(s) from ring

Precious stones get lost, over a period of time they can work loose
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Loss of stone(s) from ring

A policy from Assetsure will cover the loss of any stone set in or on a ring

Over time stones in a ring can work loose and if they fall out, they are easily lost.

We cover all stones in your ring including the smaller ones set on the shoulders or within the band. There is no excess to pay either so items are replaced without deduction. Having no excess, makes having just a small claim more viable. See also the insurers promise on not increasing your renewal premium if you are forced to make a low value claim.

Rings valued over £10,000 will need to have their settings checked every 2 years from the date you take out the policy via us. This is to ensure that the stones are securely fastened within the settings

You can choose any jeweller to carry out this check and many will clean the item for you at the same time. There is also now the possibility that a setting check on your ring can be carried out remotely, removing the necessity to visit a jeweller, please contact us for more information about this service.

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen, and we can arrange insurance that will ensure your item can be repaired or replaced.
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Accidental Damage

Stones and precious metals can be damaged.

With any item you would expect natural ageing, wear and tear and cosmetic damage but sometimes more serious damage can occur and you could face a hefty repair bill.

Whilst diamonds are arguably one of the hardest naturally occurring substances found on Earth, they can surprisingly be damaged quite easily, particularly if the shape is an unusual one such as in the case of pear shaped diamonds. Wearing a ring on a regular basis, increases it's chances of becoming damaged over and above the normal wear and tear you would expect.

Claws and settings can also become damaged and broken and a “No Excess “policy arranged by Assetsure will pay for repairs. We also have a network of jewellers we can contact who can help with even the most delicate, intricate and complicated jewellery repairs.

Worldwide Cover

Giving you the peace of mind that you can travel and still be protected
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Worldwide Cover

Travel the world and be protected by a policy arranged by Assetsure

We insure UK residents jewellery anywhere in the world, we have no country restrictions and there is no need to tell us of your travel plans. You can travel as often as you like providing no one trip is over 60 days in duration.

Your Jewellery will be insured on a modern plain English " All-Risks" wording covering amongst other things: accidental damage, accidental loss and theft.


Unfortunately items such as Rings get stolen, we make sure you are covered if the worst happens.
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Thieves may also admire your rings

Your precious rings are not just attractive to you. Thieves also find them highly desirable especially as they are portable and quite easy to sell on.

With a policy arranged by Assetsure you’re covered both at home and away from home including having items stolen whilst you are wearing them.

No need to inform us of your travel plans either as we cover unlimited overseas travel providing no one trip is over 60 days in duration.

When away from home, your ring must be worn , kept under your close personal control or kept in a locked safe.

if there is a theft from your home, there will need to be signs of a break-in for a claim to be valid. For items valued over £10,000, we will require you to keep the item in a safe when not being worn.

Why we stand out...

We are a specialist jewellery insurance intermediary and can cover rings of all descriptions. You can obtain a quotation online or talk to our highly trained staff who will be pleased to assist you.

Premium protection promise

Premium protection promise

We value our customers. Your premium will not be loaded next year by the insurers if you make one claim under £500. We reward loyalty and will guarantee if you find a cheaper renewal quote we will match it.

Excellent Claims Service

Excellent Claims Service

You can easily report a claim to us by telephoning our claims department who can take instructions from you regarding your loss, or if you prefer, you may email us. Full details are contained in your policy document. We’ll assist you to obtain a repaired or replaced item as quickly as possible.

30 day money back guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident in the product we supply that we have arranged with the insurers to allow you 30 days to change your mind and request a full refund, this is rather than the generic 14 days given by most. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide our policy is not for you, we will refund you all of the insurance you haven't used with no deductions from the return of premium.

Treating you fairly...

We will not charge you any additional admin fees to make amendments to your policy or to cancel. We won't use enticing introductory offers to draw you in as we believe the price should be good from the start.

We are so confident in the policy we arrange, that you will be entitled to a full 30 days to change your mind and obtain a full refund. This is an improvement on the 14 days which is normal. Even if after the 30 days is up, you decide the cover is not for you, we will arrange for your policy to be cancelled and a full pro rata return of premium to be provided (Subject to no claim being made).

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